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Forthcoming Event: Bourdieu and Social Class


The BSA Bourdieu study group will be hosting a special event on Bourdieu and Social Class with Prof. Mike Savage (London School of Economics) and Dr. Will Atkinson (University of Bristol) as our key note speakers.

Prof Savage and Dr Atkinson along with Dr Roberts have recently edited Class Inequality in Austerity Britain: Power, Difference and Suffering. Prof. Mike Savage will talk about his research into the highly publicised  Great British Class Survey. While Dr Will Atkinson – who currently convenes the University of Bristol research Network on Class and Power – will discuss his own research on social class.

The event will follow the Bourdieu study group’s usual format in which there will be lots of room for discussion and debate.

The event will be held in November 2013 at the University of Bath. More details on the exact date and how to book will follow soon!


Welcome to our New Co-Convenor

Miss Jessica Abrahams



Jessie is a full-time research assistant on the Paired Peers Project of which Harriet Bradley is the principle investigator. She has just completed an Msc in research methods at the University of Bristol. Her dissertation was on the identities and experiences of local students at UWE and UOB. Prior to this she completed a Bsc at the University of Bristol in Sociology. Jessie, has also just won a Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) +3 PhD studentship at University of Cardiff under the supervisor of Prof. David James

Her fields of interest include:

Social Class, Education, Bourdieu, Ethnicity, Gender, Crime.


Bourdieu and Passeron

BSA Bourdieu Study Group Event: Bourdieu and Passeron

On Monday 17 June 2013 the BSA Bourdieu Study Group held an event on the influences and differences of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron following the launch of the English translation of Sociological Reasoning.


Bourdieu and Passeron co-authored many works together most noticeably The Inheritors (1964 [1979]) and Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture (1970, [1977]). The co-authorship of Bourdieu and Passeron undoubtedly was influenced by a common project within competing Western European traditions of philosophy of social science. Bourdieu and Passeron ceased to collaborate in about 1972. Bourdieu in the following thirty years until his death in 2002 enjoyed an international reputation.


The event undertook an initial examination of the co-authored works as well as studying the recent production of Passeron’s translated Le Raisonnement Sociologique (1991) – Sociological Reasoning (2013). Sociological Reasoning highlights the differences between the approaches of Passeron and Bourdieu as well as exemplifies how Passeron distinguishes himself with the contention that there can be differences of intellectual and artistic production in spite of similarities of social trajectory (Robbins, 2013, p.18).


The event was broken up into a series of key note talks by Prof Derek Robbins (UEL) and Dr Simon Susen (City University) as well as a workshop. In the workshop participant discuss various texts and engage specifically with their differences in relation to social, cultural and educational reproduction. The aim was to give concrete examples of the various views of Bourdieu and Passeron about the nature of social science.

Dr Simon Susen

The event was held at the BSA meeting room in London and was well attended.


Due to the large amount of requests we had both from people attending as well as those unable to make the event we made an audio recordings of the sessions.


Session 1: Prof Derek Robbins gives the background to the work of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron between 1960 and 1972, and background to the subsequent development of Jean-Claude Passeron’s work leading to Sociological Reasoning.  


Session 2: Dr Simon Susen on Bourdieu and Science illustrating the shared interest in epistemology and methodology between Passeron and Bourdieu. 


Session 3: Workshop on Pierre Bourdieu: “Cultural reproduction and social reproduction” (1973) and Jean-Claude Passeron: “Hegel, or the stowaway” (Chapter 4 of Sociological Reasoning). The workshop and discussions was related to Bourdieu and Passeron’s: Reproduction in Education, Society, and Culture (1977). 

Jean-Claude Passeron Book Launch for the English Translation of Sociological Reasoning

On the 29th April 2013 several of the BSA Bourdieu Study Group members attended the book launch for Sociological Reasoning A Non-Popperian Space of Argumentation By Jean-Claude Passeron Translated by Rachel Gomme Edited and Introduced by Professor Derek Robbins 

The event was organised by Professor Derek Robbins at the French Institute in London.  The study group got a chance to meet Jean-Claude Passeron which made for an enjoyable evening.

  Jean-Claude Passeron, Rachel Gomme and  Professor Derek Robbins  Long time study group member Tamsin Bowers-Brown 405797_556499424371201_525598867_nNew study group co-convenor Jessie Abrahams Study group co-convenor Nicola IngramP1050187