Event: Measuring Social Class: Bourdieusian Approaches

BSA Bourdieu Study Group Event in Conjunction with the Centre for the  Analysis of Social Policy (CASP)
University of Bath


Friday 15th November 2013 (Please note due to unforeseen circumstances the date of this event has changed from the 5th to the 15th of November)


12pm -5pm followed by a wine reception 5pm – 6pm


Measuring Social Class: Bourdieusian Approaches



Speakers: Prof. Mike Savage (London School of Economics) & Dr. Will Atkinson (University of Bristol)
Debates around ways of measuring social class have recently gained momentum through the
work of Savage et al, popularized by the Great British Class Survey, a major study of social class
patterns in contemporary Britain. This work draws on the many criticisms that have persisted
over the last decade or more about the inadequacy of models of class analysis that rely
fundamentally on an economic measurement of class position. These criticisms flag up the
complexities of social class measurement and suggest that other factors such as social and
cultural capital are important in trying to locate someone’s class position. These multiple
factors of analysis have become increasingly important as patterns of work and consumption
have changed with the loss of industry within the UK and other capitalist societies. This
workshop aims to generate discussion about the best ways to try to define and measure social
class in contemporary Britain. It will do so by drawing on Bourdieusian theory and engaging
with papers by Professor Mike Savage and Dr. Will Atkinson, who each offer their own
perspective on utilizing a multiple capitals approach to ascertaining class positioning. It will
interrogate the problems and benefits of using these approaches and consider the best ways in
which Bourdieusian theory can forward class analysis. The workshop is limited to 50 people
and will involve keynote presentations as well as discussion groups.

This event costs £30 for BSA members and £40 for non-members and includes refreshments
and lunch.
To register please click here


Early booking is recommended as we anticipate this to be a popular event.
For further information please contact: events@britsoc.org.uk or Tel: (0191) 383 0839


For academic queries please contact: Dr. Nicola Ingram at n.ingram@Bath.ac.uk


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