Adding your Publications to the Bourdieu Study Group’s Resource Page

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Would you like to have details of your Bourdieu related publications widely circulated?  Our study group blog receive several hundreds of hits upon a new posting from an average of 30 worldwide countries as far as Australia. This is an opportunity to get your work seen by a wide audience.

The Bourdieu Study Group has a selected publications by members page. Every few months this is updated to include members who have contacted us with their own publications after a specific call by the study group.

In order to have your work added you need to be an official member of the Bourdieu Study Group – this means joining our JISCMAIL emailing list. You will then see the instructions on how to get your publication reference on the blog. It’s free to join and you will also be the first to receive information on our events. We have a no spamming policy, so only Bourdieu related emails are circulated and we do not distribute more than two emails a week.


Membership is free. Please request to join the study group’s official membership list at BSA-BOURDIEU-STUDY-GROUP@JISCMAIL.AC.UK (instructions below).

 Subscribe to E-Mail Announcement List

To subscribe to the announcement list of the Bourdieu Study Group related events, send an email to JISCMAIL with the following information:

  • Subject line – leave empty.
  • In the body of the message, include your name after the listname:SUBSCRIBE BSA-BOURDIEU-STUDY-GROUP Firstname Surname
  • You will receive a welcome message confirming your subscription within one hour.  If you don’t receive anything check your spam/junk filters.  If you have any queries or difficulties joining the list, please contact the convenors below.
  • To unsubscribe from the list, send an e-mail to JISCMAIL, leave the Subject line blank, and in the message body write: UNSUBSCRIBE BSA-BOURDIEU-STUDY-GROUP
  • Visit the JISCMAIL archive to review past postings.

If you have problems subscribing please contact Jenny:


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