New and Past Publications by Study Group Members

Bennett, T., Gayo-Cal, M., Le Roux, B., Savage, M., Silva, E., Warde, A. and Wright, D. (2013) ‘La Distinction Revisitée: l’espace des styles de vie britannique en 2003’ in Coulangeon, Phillipe and Duval, Julien (eds) Trente ans apres La Distinction de Pierre Bourdieu’, Paris: La Découverte. Pp.179-205. ISBN 978-2-7071-7667-7

Bennett, T. and Silva, E (2011) ‘Cultural Capital: histories, limits, prospects’, Poetics, 39 (6): 427-443 ISSN 0304-422X


Bennett, T. and Silva, E. (eds) (2011) ‘Cultural Capital: Limits and Prospects’, Poetics, edition 39.6, issue of 9 articles,  ISSN 0304-422X Available here

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Bennett, T.; Savage, M.; Silva, E.B.; Warde, A.; Gayo-Cal, M. and Wright, D. (2005) Cultural Capital and the Cultural Field in Contemporary Britain,CRESC Working paper 3, 28 pages.

Bonaldi, E.V. and Silva, E.B. (2014) ‘Gendering Habitus in Engineering: Experiences of Brazilian Students’, International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology, 6(1): 144-164, Spring. ISSN 2040-0748 Available here

Benson, M. (Online First) ‘Trajectories of middle-class belonging: the dynamics of place attachment and classed identities’, Urban Studies. DOI: 10.1177/0042098013516522 Available here 

Benson, M. (2013) ‘Living the ‘Real’ Dream in La France Profonde: Lifestyle Migration, Social Distinction, and the Authenticities of Everyday Life’, Anthropological Quarterly 86(2): 501-525. Available here

Benson, M. and Jackson, E. (2013) ‘Place-making and place maintenance: Practices of place and belonging among the middle classes’, Sociology 47(4): 793-809 Available here 

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Brosnan, C. (2011) ‘The significance of scientific capital in UK medical education’ in Special issue: ‘Beyond the canon: Pierre Bourdieu and Science and Technology Studies’ edited by Mathieu Albert & Daniel Kleinman in Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning & Policy 49 (3): 317-332. DOI: 10.1007/s11024-011-9177-z Available here

Brosnan, C. (2010) ‘Making sense of differences between medical schools through Bourdieu’s concept of “field”’ Medical Education 44: 645-52. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2923.2010.03680.x Available here


Brosnan, C. (2009) ‘Pierre Bourdieu and the theory of medical education: Thinking “relationally” about medical students and medical curricula’ in Brosnan, C. and Turner, B.S. (eds) Handbook of the Sociology of Medical Education. London: Routledge: 51-68. Available here

Branch, A. (2014) ‘Stop flexing your roots, man’: Reconversion strategies, consecrated heretics and the violence of UK first-wave punk. Punk and Post Punk, Volume 3, Number 1, April, pp. 21-39. Available here

Branch, A. (2014) “It’s where you come from that makes you who you are”: suburban youth and social class. In: The Subcultures Network (ed.) Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars, pp.65-88. Available here

Branch, A. (2012) All the young dudes: educational capital, masculinity and the uses of popular music, Popular Music, Volume 31, Issue 1, January pp 25-44. Available here

Dominguez Rubio, F. and Silva, E.B (2013) ‘Materials in the field: object-trajectories and object-positions in the field of contemporary art‘, Cultural Sociology, 7(2): 161-178. ISSN 1749-9755. Awarded the 2014 SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence (among all papers published in 2013). Available here

Jackson, E. and Benson, M. (2014) ‘Neither ‘Deepest, Darkest Peckham’, nor ‘Run of the Mill’ East Dulwich: the middle class and their ‘others’ in an inner London neighbourhood’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 38(4): 1195-1210 Available here 

Krause, M. 2014. The Good Project. Humanitarian NGOs and the Fragmentation of Reason. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Available here

Krause, M. 2011. “Reporting and the Transformations of the Journalistic Field: US News Media, 1890-2000”, Media, Culture, and Society 33 (1): 89-104, Available here

McGovern P., Nazroo J. (2015, forthcoming) Patterns and causes of health inequalities in later life: a Bourdieusian analysis Sociology of Health & Illness DOI 10.1111/1467-9566.12187 Available here
McGovern P. (2014) Path analysis: Quantitative research into health inequalities Sociology Review, 23(4), ISBN 978-1-4441-9927-7

McGovern P. (2013) What did you say: a deaf researcher reflects on participant observation in a small voluntary organisation SAGE Cases in Methodology DOI 10.4135/978144627305013505054 Available here

Nachi, Mohamed (2014) ‘Beyond Pragmatic Sociology: A Theoretical Compromise between ‘Critical Sociology’ and the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’’, in Simon Susen and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’, London: Anthem Press, pp. 293-312. Available here

Robbins, Derek (2014) ‘Pierre Bourdieu and the Early Luc Boltanski (1960–1975): Collective Ethos and Individual Difference’, in Simon Susen and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’, London: Anthem Press, pp. 265-291. Available here

Robbins, Derek (2014) Cultural Relativism and International Politics, Sage.  ISBN: 9781473907812. Available here

Samaluk, B. (2014) ‘Racialised ‘price-tag’: commodification of migrant workers on transnational employment agencies’ websites’, in M. Pajnik and F. Anthias (eds.) Work and the challenges of belonging: Migrants in globalizing economies. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Available here

Samaluk, B.  (2014) ‘Whiteness, ethnic privilege and migration: a Bourdieuian framework’, Journal of Managerial Psychology 29 (4): 370-88. Available here

Savage, M. and Silva, E.B (2013) ‘Field analysis in cultural sociology‘, Cultural Sociology, 7(2): 111-126. ISSN 1749-9755. Available here

Savage, M., Silva, E. and Warde, A. (2010) ‘Dis-identification and class identity’ in Silva, E. and Warde, A. (eds) Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy. Settling accounts and developing alternatives. London: Routledge. 978-0-415-49535-0, Ch 5, pp. 60-74 Available here

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Silva, E. (2012) Review of The Legacy of Pierre Bourdieu: Critical Essays, by Simon Sussen and Bryan Turner (eds), Journal of Classical Sociology, 12(3-4) 563-569. Available here

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Silva, E. and Warde, A. (eds) (2010) Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy: Settling accounts and developing alternatives. London: Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-49535-0. For e-book 978-0-203-87862-0. Paperback 2012. Available here

Silva, E. and Warde, A. (2010) ‘Introduction: The Importance of Bourdieu’ in Silva, E.B. and Warde, A. (eds) Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy. London: Routledge, 978-0-415-49535-0, pp.1-13 Available here

Silva, E. and Warde, A. (2010) ‘Epilogue: Bourdieu’s Legacy?’ in Silva, E.B. and Warde, A. (eds) Cultural Analysis and Bourdieu’s Legacy. London: Routledge, 978-0-415-49535-0, pp.157-160 Available here

Silva, E., Warde, A. and Wright, D. (2009) ‘Using mixed methods for analyzing culture: The Cultural Capital and Social Exclusion Project’, Cultural Sociology, 3(2): 299-316, ISSN 1749-9755 Available here

Silva, E.B. and Wright, D. (2009) ‘Display, desire and distinction in housing’, Cultural Sociology, 3(1): 31-50, ISSN 1749-9755. Available here

Silva, E. (2008) ‘Cultural capital and visual art in the contemporary UK’, Special Issue on ‘The consequences of instrumental museum and gallery policy’,Cultural Trends 17 (4): 267-287, ISSN 0954-8963. Available here

Silva, E.B. and Wright, D. (2008) ‘Researching Cultural Capital: Complexities in mixing methods’ in Methodological Innovations, vol 2, issue 3, published 13/12.2007).  Available here

Silva, E.B. (2007) ‘Gender, class, emotional capital and consumption in family life’ in Casey, E. and Martens, L. (eds) Gender and Consumption: Domestic Cultures and the Commercialisation of Everyday Life Hampshire: Ashgate. ISBN: 0 7546 4386 7, 141-162. Available here

Silva, E.B. (2006) ‘Homologies of social space and elective affinities: researching cultural capital’ in Sociology, 40(6): 1171-1189, ISSN 0038-0385. Available here

Silva, E.B. (2006) ‘Distinction through Visual Arts’ in Cultural Trends, vol 15 (2/3): 141-158, ISSN 0954-8963. Available here

Silva, E.B. (2005) ‘Gender, Home and Family in Cultural Capital Theory’ British Journal of Sociology, 56 (1): 83-103. ISSN 0007-1315 [This article was the 4th most downloaded, with 954 hits, in 2005 from Blackwell Synergy Publisher]. Available here

Silva, E.B. and Wright, D.(2005) ‘The judgement of taste and social position in focus group research’ Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, Special double issue, 76/77, pp.241-253. Milan: Angeli. ISSN 1121-1148. Available here

Silva, E.B. (2005) ‘CCSE Phase 3 Household Study, Technical Report’. Methodology paper, 59 pages. Available here  

Silva, E.B. and Edwards, R. (2004) ‘Operationalizing Bourdieu on Capitals: A Discussion on “The Construction of the Object”’. ESRC Research Methods Programme. Working Paper 7, 18 pages.   Available here

Susen, Simon and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) (2014) The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’, London: Anthem Press. Available here


Susen, Simon (2014 [2014]) ‘Towards a Dialogue Between Pierre Bourdieu’s “Critical Sociology” and Luc Boltanski’s “Pragmatic Sociology of Critique”’, in Simon Susen and Bryan S. Turner (eds.)The Spirit of Luc Boltanski: Essays on the ‘Pragmatic Sociology of Critique’, trans. Simon Susen, London: Anthem Press, pp. 313-348.   Available here

Susen, Simon (2014) ‘Reflections on Ideology: Lessons from Pierre Bourdieu and Luc Boltanski’, Thesis Eleven, 124(1): 90-113.  (Most-Read Article during November 2014). Available here

Varriale, S. (2014) Bourdieu and the sociology of cultural evaluation: lessons from the Italian popular music press Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, 1/2014, 121-148. Available here


Wayne Peter Dirk. July 2013.Constructing and Transforming the Curriculum for Higher education: A South African Case Study. PhD Thesis Available here

White, Ruth (2012) ‘Fly-on-the-wall’: social class in the art of Gillian Wearing. Salford Postgraduate Research Conference presentation – pages 22 – 30 available here


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