Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker from the Paired Peers project has given the Bourdieu Study Group permission by to share this lovely poem which was written by a friend of hers about Bourdieu.




It won’t be long, mon cher Pierre, before I’m gone,

out of here, given up my hard-won Chair,

left this tilting field of play for another one

– not sure quite where.


You’ve no idea Monsieur Bourdieu, what

it’s like these days in academia. We’re

restructured, ranked, assessed, can’t tell

our capital from our habitus!


No doubt you’d be waxing lyrical on

technological capital. But you try defining


in a tweet!


I’ve played the game for years Pierre and now

I’m not ashamed to say I’d rather check my mail

over lazy cappuccinos in Clifton’s beating

bourgeois heart.


Oui mon cher Pierre, I’m off to swim

elsewhere, in seas where buoyancy

comes naturally and I don’t feel

the water’s weight.


P.O.D Kate Thomas 2015


Kate Thomas is writing Poems on Demand to raise money for “Because I am a girl” (part of global children’s charity Plan). You can donate to the charity by going to their website



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