About The BSA Bourdieu Study Group

Bringing together researchers with varying interests this new group hopes to advance scholarly thought and debate in issues pertaining to Bourdieu’s theoretical approach.

The aims of the Bourdieu Study Group are:

  • To encourage and support the discussion and application of Bourdieuian social theory within sociological research.
  • To bring together researchers interested in a range of substantive areas to generate and consolidate theoretical knowledge.
  • To facilitate networking and discussion through organized activities.
  • To support postgraduate students who are engaging with Bourdieu.

Company Overview
We are a Study Group of the British Sociological Association.




Bourdieu’s fecund nature and challenging intellect led him to be concerned with a number of fields or areas, giving his work appeal to sociologists with interests in a range of substantive issues. The most well known areas of inquiry include education and cultural consumption but his work has an extensive reach and encompasses areas such as: art, literature, the economy, power, poverty, the family, gender and social class. The application of Bourdieuian social theory within sociological research has increase dramatically over the last decade, particularly for PhD students and early career researchers. As such, they are often applying complex Bourdiueian concepts to a period some fifty years after they were originally developed by Bourdieu. This can create many challenges for new Bourdiueian researchers.


The current convenors of the BSA Bourdieu Study Group: Dr. Nicola Ingram (Lancaster), Dr. Ciaran Burke (Derby) and Dr. Jessie Abrahams (Surrey) recognised these difficulties as well as the demand for a supportive Bourdieuian network after organising two key events on Bourdieu. Therefore, on what will be the ten year anniversary of Pierre Bourdieu’s sad passing away, the convenors decided to establish the BSA Bourdieu Study Group.

The intention for the creation of the group is to assist in fostering a network between individuals to build a community centred on the discussion and application of Bourdieuian social theory within sociological research.


Its goal is to bring together: established academics, early career researchers and PhD students interested in a range of wide-ranging areas related to Bourdieu in order to generate and consolidate theoretical knowledge by organising events and publications. This will be particularly beneficial for postgraduate students engaging with Bourdieuian social theory who will be given the opportunity to exchange ideas and debate with experienced Bourdieuian scholars. The group will also help to distribute any other information on relevant internal as well as external Bourdieuian publications and events to productively promote the increase importance and significance of Bourdieu to British sociology.


General information

The BSA Bourdieu Study Group is on JSICMAIL. All official Bourdieu Study group correspondents will be via JSICMAIL. Once you have been added to the JSICMAIL you have officially joined the BSA Bourdieu Study Group.

If you would like to join you just need to send us your BSA number and we’ll add you to the BSA Bourdieu study group JSICMAIL. It is free for BSA members to join. In order to access the list, you need to have an account on JISCmail. When you login, click on List Management and the Bourdieu group list should be visible.


We are also on Twitter. Follow us @bsabourdieusg and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bsabourdieu



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